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On our server for  2010!! Fantastico on Cpanel!

The following services are include in our  payed hosting services free of charge. They don't have additional cost!

Phone Support 7/24


•  Webmail gives you access to your domain´s email from anywhere around the globe with internet.

• Email accounts can be forwarded, auto respond and configured according to your needs.

• Webmail on our server runs three different email programs 
 Horde             Manejo de correo y agenda personal 
Squirrel          Manejo mas sencillos para principiantes 

• You can run and manage your website from Cpanel.
• Create and /or delete email accounts
• manage FTP directories
• review your stats
• install scripts
• use fantastico
• etc


• Create subdomains on your website. Use your hosting space wisely and get and extra space for other purposes or related to you main website.



• PHP Project on Fantastico
- share project manager for your company for teamwork.
- online agenda
- share information with co-workers.
- send emails to all your contacts
- share files confidentially


You may use this image albums to display:

• new products
• family pics
• new project pictures
• real estate
• livestock at farms
• product inventory

All of these images may be viewed, shared and classfied by those who visit your gallery.


Most recent Tech & Internet News

 New Site Builder on Cpanel


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